I believe in Jesus of the Bible. He is life, joy, and truth. I'm not perfect, but I try to be like Him through reading the Bible and by caring for those around me.


I am happily married to the woman of my dreams. She is truly my better half. We enjoy being outdoors: hiking, camping, exploring. I would rather be with her than making this website... she's just running errands at the moment.

Climb, hike, do.

What can I say, I'm a thrill seeker. I enjoy technical hobbies that require using the mind and the body. I have found rock climbing brings focus to a busy week. As it has been said before, being on the rock helps me focus on one thing. It sharpens my awareness of the fragileness of life. Some people read, some people jog, I sweat in the sun going up and down a rope. I practice knots before going to bed. I construct anchors on my dog's crate. Instead of fidget spinners I bring rope to work. Weird?

Do you have a favorite knot? I do. Current favorites include: bunny ears (for anchor), prusik, and the alpine butterfly loop

HAM Radio
It's about the RF.

I'm a licensed HAM radio operator. My call sign is KI7HAT. You can typically find me on the 2 meter band. I don't have anything fancy. I have a mobile rig. Instead of listening to music I like to listen to old men talk about weather... that didn't come out right.

Can't find me? I'm in a hammock.

Hammocks, where do I start? Some people pass hammocks off as a lazy hobby. Hammocks have been around forever. Yep. Hammocks have been used extensively on ships. Although hammocks are typically hung on a lazy weekend they can also be used for camping, impressing friends, and being awesome. Now you want to buy a hammock. Good for you! I suggest using the Becket Hitch to tie your hammock.